1. Is it possible to book just one night?

If a night is isolated between two stays already reserved, it is possible to book it directly via the website.

2. Do spas work in all seasons?
Yes. The spas are always functional (except in the event of breakage or unforeseen events) and the water is treated with chlorine. The filters are changed and the water quality is adjusted between each stay. Our hygiene standards are strict.
3. Can we come with our child as a 3rd person?
We accept babies two years and under. However, you must ensure his comfort (accessories for sleeping, feeding him, etc.) and his safety. There are wood stove and hot tubs in each cottage and great parental vigilance is expected. Note that it is not possible to add an accessory to sleep directly on the floor because heated floors become hot without ventilation. It can become dangerous.
4. What is your cancellation policy?
All reservations can be moved once free of charge or canceled before 4 p.m., 30 days before the day of arrival. No refund within 30 days before the date of stay. A $50 fee will be charged for any cancellation. All requests for cancellations or postponements must be made in writing to the following address: [email protected] by entering the full name of the person who made the reservation as well as the date of arrival. If you do not receive a confirmation within 24 hours of your request, please call and leave a message at (873) 416-0111. Despite the fact that you have the possibility to move or cancel your stay, it is greatly appreciated that our customers do so as soon as possible. This allows us to adjust and better meet the needs of our customers.
5. Can an electric car be charged?
Yes, we have charging stations for electric vehicles at our two rental sites.
6. Are watercraft available?
Yes, we provide our customers with paddle boards and canoes as well as the additional nautical safety equipment required. These facilities are located on the edge of the lake. Access is free for our customers. We don't have a kayak. It is possible to rent it at the Pélissier landing stage, about 5km from the chalets.
7. Can we swim in the lake?
Yes, the water quality is very good and the temperature, in summer, rises to around 80°F (around 26°C).
8. Is there a dock at the lake and is this space shared?
For customers of Le Huard and Le Héron (32, chemin du Saphir), there is a dock by the lake. This space is shared between the customers of these two chalets (4 people maximum) and Adirondack chairs are available on the quay. For customers of the other chalets (154, chemin du Rubis), there is a footbridge giving access to the lake with a ladder to facilitate swimming. Adirondack chairs are arranged on the edge of the lake. It is not allowed to install on the footbridge because it is a shared access.
9. Is there a reception on the site?
During your stay at HOM mini chalets, you are completely independent. You will receive by email 7 days before your arrival a digital code to access your chalet. However, we are available by email at all times. Each chalet has a surveillance camera with an integrated bell that allows owners to be called in the event of an emergency.
10. Can we park our vehicle?
There is a parking space located next to each chalet.
11. How much does an overnight stay cost?

The rate per night starts at $225 plus tax and varies depending on the time of year. Please refer to our calendars on the website for exact prices by selecting an available period. Prices vary regularly. We work with price analysis software that takes into consideration around 10,000 data every day to adjust prices. It is common that the price also varies from one chalet to another. This can be explained in particular by its traffic.

12. Is there coffee included?
Yes, on site there is a Nespresso machine (small capsules) and we provide 4 capsules. There is also a milk frother, a filter coffee machine and a kettle with adjustable temperature in each chalet.
13. What should we bring during the stay?
You will find sheets and towels on site. You just need to bring your personal belongings and food.
14. What activities can be done in the surroundings?
We invite you to consult our guidebook, directly from the website.
15. Are dogs allowed?
No, even the smallest, the best educated, those who don't shed and the cutest!