Discover glamping in a
mini cottage


The business

HOM Mini Cottages specializes in renting cottages on McGregor Lake, near Gatineau and Ottawa. You can rent fully equipped luxurious mini cottages in the wilderness with a private spa and breathtaking view on the lake. Each cottage has a lake access and accommodates 2 to 4 people throughout the year.

The concept

HOM Mini Cottages offers a camping concept with the comforts of luxury accommodations in nature by the lakeside. Our cottages are built on piles, giving visitors a treetop view, like being in a tree house.

The activities

Since our cottages are built on the lakefront, plenty of seasonal activities are possible in both summer and winter. Kayaking, fishing, paddleboard, water skiing, snowshoeing, ice skating, and even cross-country skiing enthusiasts will be delighted! Clients have access to a private dock.

Mini Cottages

Mini cottages are built along McGregor Lake, offering a breathtaking view. Each cottage has a fully equipped kitchen, a full bathroom, as well as a private spa on the balcony. A Wi-Fi connection is also available.


In addition to renting a mini cottage in the Outaouais region, why not give a personal touch to your stay with one of our packages? There is the Cozy HOM package, the Romantic package, and the Relaxation package.

Service personnalisé

Personalized service

The HOM Mini Cottages Team can meet specific requests, including for birthdays, anniversaries or other special events. Feel free to contact us with your ideas!


There is an abundance of seasonal activities near the cottage: cross-country skiing, ice skating, ice fishing, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, canoeing, kayaking, paddleboarding, zip lining, spelunking, and more. Other kinds of activities are also possible in the surrounding area like golfing, spending time in a health spa, enjoying a gourmet dinner, visiting an aquatic park, and more.

Lac / Nature

Lake / Nature

Our mini cottages with individual spas are located in the Outaouais region on the McGregor lakefront. Less than two minutes away is the Pélissier Ecological Park where you can rent non-motorized boats or crafts at a low cost. There is a launching ramp as well as interpretation trails.


Each HOM mini cottages are equipped with a wood stove and radiant floor heating. You will certainly appreciate these high-quality comforts during the cold season!

days per years
5 Km2
of navigable lake
650 ft2
of radiant flooring
client satisfaction



Nordik Spa-Nature

Relaxation is on the menu at the Nordik Spa-Nature in Chelsea , located about 35 km from our HOM Mini Cottages. This Nordic spa offers a unique and intimate thermal experience at the heart of the Laurentian forest. Massage therapy is also offered at the Mini Cottages.

Pélissier Ecological Park

Discover your natural environment at the Pélissier Ecological Park. Less than 2 km from the HOM Domain, this park offers a recently built hiking trail that enables you to enjoy the wetland area in this region. It is from here that you can launch your small boat or craft to moor it at the HOM Domain’s private dock.

Nakkertok Cross-Country Skiing

For snowshoeing and cross-country skiing enthusiasts, the largest cross-country skiing club in Eastern Canada awaits you only 5 minutes from the HOM Domain. Enjoy 75 km of marked trails known for their exceptional quality!