Mini cottage

About our business

The business

HOM Mini Cottages specializes in renting cottages on McGregor Lake, near Gatineau and Ottawa. You can rent fully equipped luxurious mini cottages in the wilderness with a private spa and breathtaking view on the lake. Each cottage has a lake access and accommodates a maximum of 2 people throughout the year.

The concept

HOM Mini Cottages offers a camping concept with the comforts of luxury accommodations in nature by the lakeside. Our cottages are built on piles, giving visitors a treetop view, like being in a tree house.

The activities

Since our cottages are built on the lakefront, plenty of seasonal activities are possible in both summer and winter. Kayaking, fishing, paddleboard, water skiing, snowshoeing, ice skating, and even cross-country skiing enthusiasts will be delighted! Clients have access to a private dock.

Our background

HOM Mini Cottages is the first business offering outdoor accommodation in the Outaouais region. The unique concept of renting modern cottages built on piles offers a category of accommodation that does not exist in the area, glamping. HOM’s glamping experience combines luxury, comfort, and design, but also the unusual since it is outdoors. In addition, our mini cottages are newly built with complete top-of-the-line equipment as well as a private spa in each cottage. Because the HOM Domain is so close to the large cities of Ottawa and Montreal, international tourists can easily have a genuine outdoor experience in luxurious comfort.

Outdoor accommodation – Glamping
Complete and high quality equipment
Outdoor near large cities

A unique concept

Mini cottages embrace the glamping trend with a touch of extra luxury. These modern houses offer a successful combination of comfort and proximity to nature. Discover inspiring places while taking advantage of personalized services and complete amenities.